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Civil Works

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GPS Surveying

Optisol Services Ltd employs site setting out with flags to ensure accurate and efficient alignment of project elements. Our use of flags allows for clear visual markers, aiding in precise positioning for construction and installation. This method, marked by attention to detail, enhances project accuracy and expedites the overall workflow, demonstrating Optisol Services Ltd's commitment to precision in every aspect of site development.


Pre Drilling

Optisol Services Ltd specialises in pre-drilling, employing a fleet of drilling rigs and excavator-mounted drills. This dual approach allows us to tailor our methods to the requirements of each project. Whether it's preparing the ground for direct piling or creating holes in readiness for a concrete foundation.

Trenching & Cable Management

Trenching is an essential process in constructing solar farms. Our experienced teams meticulously plan and execute the creation of trenches with precision. Precision trenching is fundamental for establishing organised cable routes, ensuring efficient cable installation, and contributing to the overall functionality and reliability of the solar infrastructure.

Beyond trenching, our expertise extends to cable management. Recognising the critical role of organised cables in solar installations, Optisol Services Ltd excels in cable pulling and laying. Our teams handle cable routing with accuracy, this focus on efficient cable management is crucial for minimising disruptions and maximising the reliability of the solar infrastructure.



At Optisol Services Ltd, we take pride in perimeter fencing for solar farm projects. Perimeter fencing serves as a critical component in ensuring security, safety, and the overall integrity of the solar infrastructure. Our teams specialise in delivering robust and reliable perimeter fencing solutions tailored to the unique needs of each project. With expertise in installing various fence types, including deer fencing and V mesh-style security fencing, we are we placed for all perimeter fencing requirements of solar farms. For both  deer fencing and V mesh-style security fencing, we use durable and resilient materials that withstand environmental elements. Our construction ensures that each fence is installed with care, accuracy and quality materials contributing to structural integrity and minimising the need for frequent maintenance. 


Concrete Work

Substation Bases: Optisol Services Ltd are scrupulous in the construction of complex concrete substation bases. Our teams create bases that embody structural intricacy, stability, and reliability. These complex concrete foundations are tailored to meet the unique demands of each solar infrastructure, ensuring a robust and enduring support system. Optisol Services Ltd stands as a trusted installer, delivering concrete substation bases that are of engineering precision and durability essential for the success of solar farm projects.

CCTV Bases: Our CCTV bases are engineered to support state-of-the-art surveillance systems. Optisol Services Ltd creates sturdy bases that securely house CCTV installations. The result is a comprehensive security solution that enhances monitoring capabilities across the solar farm, contributing to a safe and protected environment.


Access Tracks

Access Tracks: Optisol Services Ltd is at the forefront of constructing access tracks tailored to the specific needs of solar farm projects. Our teams create resilient tracks that facilitate easy and secure access for maintenance vehicles and personnel. Whether navigating challenging terrains or ensuring minimal environmental impact, our access tracks are designed with a focus on longevity and practical functionality.

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