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Mechanical Installation

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Pre Drilling

In addition to our piling capabilities, Optisol Services Ltd specialises in pre-drilling, employing a fleet of drilling rigs and excavator-mounted drills. This dual approach allows us to tailor our methods to the requirements of each project. Whether it's preparing the ground for direct piling or creating holes in readiness for a concrete foundation.


At Optisol Services Ltd, we take pride in our capabilities in piling and pre-drilling, using state-of-the-art equipment to ensure the robust foundation of solar farm projects across the UK. Our specialist services, particularly with our owned Tonker 830 rigs, demonstrate our commitment to precision, efficiency, and quality in every aspect of solar infrastructure construction.

Piling with Tonker 830 Rigs: Our owned Tonker 830 rigs are meticulously maintained and operated by our highly experienced team, allowing us to deliver direct piling with accuracy and consistency. The Tonker 830 rigs are engineered for stability and efficiency, ensuring the establishment of a solid foundation for solar installations. 

Framework Installation

Optisol Services Ltd is a trusted name in  the installation of solar farm framework. To name a few manufacturers, we have collaborated with esteemed suppliers such as Sadef, Solarport, Praxia, Vergo, Suntech, and Venture Steel, we therefore bring a wealth of experience and technical ability to every solar farm project across the UK. Our teams are well-versed in working with diverse framework designs. 

During the installation, we utilise advanced torque tools from the car manufacturing industry to guarantee that every bolt is torqued correctly right from the outset. This distinctive approach sets us apart in the solar industry, ensuring precision and reliability. We have invested into these torque tools that go beyond industry standards, these specialist tools are meticulously designed to guarantee the accurate torqueing of every bolt during framework installation. 

Our commitment to quality control ensures that each installation adheres to the highest industry standards and the manufacturers guidelines. Quality control is of the upmost importance to our operations. 

We have a dedicated team of internal staff, a team of over 20 professionals with a diverse range of skills and expertise. Our in-house capabilities, combined with a collaborative approach, provide the basis for successful framework installations. In situations requiring additional manpower, we have a robust network of agencies that supply skilled personnel to meet project demands promptly and efficiently. This flexibility allows us to scale our workforce as needed, ensuring that projects are executed seamlessly and within specified timelines.

Panel Installation

At Optisol Services, we are able to adapt to all manner of installs, we have installed panels in multiple different orientations and at challenging heights. Most notably we recently installed some 4,000 panels at over 1.5m high at the leading edge. This meant our trained and highly experienced scissor lift drivers were at the heart of this install. 

During the installation and due to our commitment to quality and adhering to the highest of standards we utilise digital torque wrenches when installing the solar panels. This is to ensure they are all torqued correctly and remain within the manufactures clamping zones. We also provide the necessary documentation for quality checks during each row installed. Ensuring hand over to the end client is far less onerous. 

As with the framework installation we utilise our internal staff but also draw on our collaborative approach with our network of agencies that supply skilled personnel to meet the projects demands. This allows us to scale up as and when required and if we are required, to execute the construction within specified timelines. 

GPS Surveying

Optisol Services Ltd employs site setting out with flags to ensure accurate and efficient alignment of project elements. Our use of flags allows for clear visual markers, aiding in precise positioning for construction and installation. This method, marked by attention to detail, enhances project accuracy and expedites the overall workflow, demonstrating Optisol Services Ltd's commitment to precision in every aspect of site development.


Foundation Types

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond standard foundation types—we take pride in our ability to construct any ballast or direct rammed system that our clients design. Optisol is a versatile and adaptive partner, ready to meet the distinctive requirements of each solar farm project. Optisol offer expertise in the installation of ballast piles, direct rammed piles and pre drilled piles. In addition to the traditional direct ramming technique our capabilities extend to both bolted-down ballast, ensuring a secure connection to the piles, and plates loaded with concrete blocks for stability.

Offloading, Distribution and Waste

We have multiple trained employees who attentively offload and distribute the framework and panel boxes around the site ready for our installation teams. By utilising our own employees for all elements of the installation we have a collaborative, efficient and safe approach ensuring our clients timelines are met and quality and safety are not compromised in the process.

During the installation, waste is segregated by our machine operatives, and employees. We take great pride in ensuring the site looks great not only at the end of the project but throughout the project. We understand the importance of this for the client and investor relationship.


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