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Solar Farm Cleaning

It is widely agreed that module cleaning is essential, to both; improve the performance of the module, and also maintain the longevity of the panel. It is essential that module cleaning is done correctly without the use of chemicals or abrasive materials. 

Our method for cleaning centres around the Sunbrush. This is a specialist piece of tractor mounted solar panel cleaing equipment. The head of the cleaning arm naturally pivots to follow the contours of the panels, providing a consistent standard across all layouts.


Our fleet of these machines has been growing every year and we are currently operating three 5 metre Sunbrush machines and one 7 metre Sunbrush. This means that our dedicated team can clean solar farms in any ground mounted layout. 

Our growing team covers the entire UK and we have successfully cleaned solar farms In England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Our full UK coverage means we can clean entire portfolios for our clients without the need to subcontract any of the work. 

One of the company directors is assigned as the dedicated Account Manager for all the solar farm cleaning works. This means that not only are they your point of contact but they are also on the solar farms every day helping to provide you with real time updates on the progress of the panel cleaning. 


The demand for our cleaning service has increased year on year and too date we have cleaned 2.1GW of Solar with the same team working tirelessly to ensure your assets and solar farms are cleaned to the highest possible standard.

Use the slider below to see the results of a full mechanical 'lichen' clean 

Scroll our gallery below to see the results of our mechanical solar farm cleaning.

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