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Optisol Services and the RSK Group

Optisol Services Ltd is a subsidiary of the RSK Group. RSK stands as the foremost privately-owned consultancy company in the UK, setting a benchmark for excellence in the consultancy, environment, and construction industry. As a proud subsidiary of RSK Group, Optisol Services Ltd benefits from being part of a vast network encompassing over 150 UK companies and a collective force of over 10,000 experienced professionals.

This affiliation grants Optisol Services Ltd a unique advantage in every construction project. With the ability to draw upon the extensive experience, expertise, and knowledge pooled from the diverse RSK Group portfolio, Optisol Services ensures that every aspect of a construction project is seamlessly handled in-house. From initial planning to execution, our comprehensive capabilities cover all facets of construction.

Additionally, another element of this structure that sets us apart is the ability to offer additional services seamlessly throughout the project's lifecycle. Should the need arise for additional specialist services or expertise, Optisol Services, within the RSK Group umbrella, has it all covered under one company. This integrated approach ensures efficiency, consistency, and unparalleled quality throughout the construction process.

At RSK Group and Optisol Services Ltd, we take pride in providing not just construction solutions but a holistic and integrated approach, delivering projects with precision, innovation, and a commitment to exceeding client expectations.

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